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Bulk SMS

Bongo Lives' unique online system allows you to send sms messages to subscribers on all the mobile networks in Africa. Clients can use our service for a variety of purposes from sending reminders to greetings. Both individuals and organizations can take advantage of this to reach a large group of people within seconds directly on their phone.

Once you sign up, you have free access to our online application that has a variety of features to make it easy for you to send these messages.

Key Features

  • Add individual contacts or upload in bulk from an excel file
  • Manage your contacts online and even organize them into sub groups
  • Secure and private - Only you have access to your contacts
  • Schedule messages for a later date/time
  • Low Flat Rates per SMS
  • Purchase SMS using multiple payment options
  • Get discounts for buying SMS in bulk

Two Way Messaging / Incoming SMS

Our two way SMS solution allows organizations to interact and engage with clients via a longcode (e.g 255784845874) or shortcode (e.g 15352). This is a great way to extend your services or systems to receive user input for data collection, voting, feedback etc.

Key Features

  • Manage incoming SMS logs and history through the Bongo Live account provided to you
  • Export incoming SMS history to excel
  • Match incoming SMS to address book contacts
  • Dedicated support to monitor SMS receipts
  • Optionally forward incoming SMS to your application via HTTP Post