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Developer API

Bongo Live has developed a set of web services that allow software developers to leverage our platform to add sms capabilities to their web, mobile or desktop applications. The API has been developed to ensure a simple interface for developers whilst providing flexibility in terms of implementation.

Outgoing SMS

There are two connection options either an HTTP GET or a XML POST. The XML post provides additional features to send the same message to up to 100 mobile numbers at the same time. You will need to create a Broadcaster account on our site and use your username, password and API key to be able to send sms. The API key is available under the profile settings once logged in as a Broadcaster. SMS credits will need to be purchased before using the service.


  • Manage sms logs and history through Bongo Live account
  • Track sms purchases and usage
  • Optional callback URL to receive delivery reports
  • SSL support for additional security
  • Dedicated support to monitor sms delivery
  • Check credits balance & sender names via API

Complete API Specification with Examples available Here